Travel Insurance - ASTA
Arope (New Travel Insurance plan)
(ASTA) provides you with the Medical Protection and Assistance Services you might need during the course of a journey outside your usual Country of Residence, all in one simple and affordable package.
With Arope's Travel Insurance plans, you can travel in peace.
Medical Expenses: 
Assistance abroad in the course of transportation or evacuation
Assistance to declared minor children of the Insured and Return to the Country of Residence
Appointment of local medical specialist
Long distance medical information services
Emergency dental treatment
Local treatment of patient under the supervision of the Assistance company
Return Ticket and Accommodation Expenses to one family member visiting the Insured further to illness or accident
Repatriation of family member or any declared person travelling with the Insured in case of death of the Insured or hospitalization exceeding 5 days
Emergency Return Home following death of a close family member
Repatriation of mortal remains in case of death
Sea and Mountain Rescue expenses
Legal Assistance (Fees of Attorney)
General Information Services
Urgent dispatch of medications
Dispatch of urgent messages
Loss of Registered Luggage
Delay in Delivery of Luggage
And a number of other useful benefits.
Guaranteed Coverage 
Special Conditions  
Travel Cover: a maximum of 61 consecutive days for any single trip, with possibility for extension up to 90 days upon prior notification.
GGeographical Scope:  Europe   Worldwide - excluding USA & Canada Worldwide  
Age Limit: 70 years (special rates are available for persons aged 71-85 years)
Group Rates: please refer to the company.
Customized Plans: 
ASTA  exists in 4 similar plans with different medical expenses limit:
USD 100,000
USD 50,000
USD 25,000
USD 10,000
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