Motor Third Party


1- Compulsory Insurance
The international Syrian Insurance company (Arope-Syria) provides an indemnity incase of accident and in respect of the legal liabilities to all material damage and bodily injuries to third party either inside or outside the vehicle. Also it compensates the legal liability toward the owner and the driver of the insured vehicle caused by driving inside the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and with the same amounts shown in this policy.
The S.I.C.S (Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission) decided to open one unique office to issue all compulsory insurance policies and spreading with equality between all insurance companies (whether inside the Syrian territory or not).
Arope – Syria can cover you under compulsory insurance once you have an effective Motor All Risk insurance policy issued at Arope.

2- Orange Card
It is a type of compulsory insurance issued for Syrian vehicles heading outside Syria. In order to issue an orange card, the customer must have either a comprehensive or a compulsory insurance with the (Arope-Syria).
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